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Welcome to the MCI wiki, the dynamic repository of knowledge and project documentation for Brad Dickerson's lab and collaborators.



Workflows - Standard operating procedures

Data acquisition and management - information about acquiring neuroimaging data, psychophysiology data, experimental cognitive testing data, neuropsychological data; also information about storage, quality assurance, and databasing of data

Data analysis - resources for analyzing data

Visualization tools - software tools for visualizing data

Stats - resources for learning & using statistics

Participants - resources for recruiting and scheduling subjects

Communication with patients and families

Computing - resources for learning & using computer systems (e.g., remote use, etc)

Designing new experimental paradigms

Anatomy Repository

Behavioral quantification

Project archive

Digital lab notebooks


Potential archiving below

Data acquisition - to be archived

Data management - to be archived

Meetings - resource for tracking agendas, action items, notes from lab meetings

Beginner's FreeSurfer Tutorial

FTD Unit

Library - journal articles, End note libraries, etc

How-tos - miscellaneous instructions for useful tasks

Talk/poster - resources to help with preparing talks & posters

Personnel stuff - procedures for new hiring, etc

How to contribute to the MCI wiki

MRI and PET safety

Lab calendar

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.